Graphic Designer

Position Summary

The graphic design team in the Danforth University Center is responsible for creating marketing campaigns for the Danforth University Center as a building, as well as creating advertisements for the programs that are sponsored by the DUC.  These advertisements range from vinyl banners to full size posters and requires a working knowledge of Illustrator.

The graphic design team also works with outside clients (students, organizations, departments) in helping them design banners that will be displayed in the DUC as well as helping design logos for student organizations.

A successful candidate will be able to provide customer service that is in alignment with the mission of the Danforth University Center and Event Management Office, have a working knowledge of gmail, and will be able to work on multiple projects at once while respecting deadlines.

Hours and Supervision

Graphic Designers are required to work a minimum of eight hours a week and receive supervision from the assistant director for programs in the Danforth University Center.