Marketing Services Team

Position Summary

The Danforth University Center Student Assistant serves as a point of contact and information for those using the building for events and activities.  The marketing team’s primary responsibility is ensuring that marketing for DUC events and community promotions are managed and implemented.


Primary Zone Tasks

Marketing team members will be cross trained and will work shifts at both Danforth University Center desks including: The Tisch Commons desk and the Fun Room desk.  Team members will complete desk specific tasks and will have a working knowledge of the needs of the zone they are covering.

  • Serve as first point of contact for building users in person or over the phone concerning wayfinding and general information regarding building and campus happenings
  • Emergency Management
  • Manage fireplaces during working hours
  • Record/Communicate problems or suggestions about the building
  • Zone management as defined by desk area, including building opening and closing procedures
  • Pull easels and directional signs when needed
  • Management of building use including study room, meeting room monitoring, supplying Card Access assistance, and providing assistance with the a/v in the building.
  • Complete other duties as assigned


Primary Tasks

In addition to completing the desk specific tasks during each shift, marketing team members will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the following:

  • Lead social media efforts such as overseeing scheduled and live social media posts to Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage all event PR such as table tents, large posters, etc.
  • Manage DUCTV system and scheduled slides
  • Monitor and promote the #washuduc program
  • Create and manage Facebook events for DUC programs
  • Support the DUC website with updates and content
  • Create DUC weekly announcements for distribution across campus

Training and Supervision Received

All DUCSA’s are required to attend a comprehensive training at the beginning of the semester and DUCSA monthly meetings thereafter. The Danforth University Center Student Assistant reports to the Marketing Student Manager.  All student assistants ultimately report to the Director of the Danforth University Center and work collaboratively with all members of Campus Life.


Hours and Payment

Danforth University Center Student Assistant will cover the University Center Information Desks during the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and Noon- 12:30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.  Other hours may apply based on event scheduling and program coverage.  Starting pay will be $8.00 an hour.