Planning an Event

The Danforth University Center offers many resources to help you plan an event.

  • Check calendars for potential programming conflicts.
    • Be sure to incorporate sufficient time for setup into your room reservation time.
    • Note special setup needs in your reservation.

Who to Contact with Questions

Phyllis Jackson – Assistant Director for Event Management
(314) 935-6637
Phyllis manages events and activities for all external organizations, wedding receptions and other personal events.  

Peggy Hermes – Program Coordinator
(314) 935-3962 or (314) 640-7595 (work cell)
Peggy manages events and activities in all spaces that are sponsored by students and student organizations at Washington University in St. Louis.

Erin Mitchener – Event Specialist
(314) 935-8264 or (314) 488-5801 (work cell)
Erin manages events and activities in all spaces that are sponsored by faculty, staff and departments at Washington University in St. Louis, as well as weddings in Graham Chapel.

After Your Event

Be sure to leave the room how you found it.

Other Resources